Post Diagnostic Services

We offer a number of services for clients post-diagnosis, whether diagnosed through Spectrum or whether you or your family member already have a diagnosis from elsewhere.

We can help families and individuals following diagnosis, including:

  • support to understand how autism affects you or your child
  • assessment and support for behaviours that are difficult to understand and/or manage
  • various types of therapy adapted for people with autism

We also provide bespoke support, consultation and training to schools and other professionals:

  • school visits and recommendations for support
  • consultation and bespoke training to schools and other professionals tailored to your needs

We offer other assessments that may be helpful including:

  • bespoke assessments for adults/children with autism and/or learning disabilities to inform care plans and support
  • assessment of attention (ADD/ADHD)
  • assessment of Executive Function – higher order processes such as organisation and flexibility
  • sensory profiling
  • EHCP assessments and reports for tribunal

The cost of services with vary according to your individual needs. We would be happy to discuss your requirements and would not recommend any assessment or service if we did not feel it to be appropriate.

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