Private Clients: Assessment

Our assessment will always consist of a developmental history (where available) and assessment using a recognised tool for the diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder. The cost of assessment will vary according to your particular needs, the complexity of the case and the options you choose, which might include:

  • ADOS-2 and DISCO assessments for autism
  • Sensory profiling
  • IQ testing
  • Speech and Language Assessment
  • Visit to school, nursery or place of work for observation and discussion
  • Choice of a basic or more detailed report, depending on your requirements
  • Follow-up telephone appointment for discussion

Following your initial enquiry, we will usually recommend a range of assessment combinations and advise you of the price for each. Prices will be fixed and not subject to change unless there is a change in your requirements.

Whatever options you select, you can be assured that assessment will be multi-disciplinary, as recommended by current NICE guidelines on the assessment of Autistic Spectrum Disorder – we agree with NICE that the diagnosis of Autism should never be left to one person or to one group of professionals without seeking the opinion and perspective of another.