‘A really good experience from start to finish and you can’t argue with the result. We will always be grateful for you helping us help our daughter and by extension, her sister – keep up the good work.’ Mr L, Yorkshire

Amazing… Words can not describe…from the first email to the aftercare, and everything in between…WOW!!! – I had the pleasure of seeing Spectrum twice. The one-hour consultation for my fiancé enabled us to move on together as a family. ‘Just knowing’ he is very likely on the autism spectrum is enough for us. After two years of battles, Spectrum then saw my daughter for the adorable little madam she is and gave me the power to believe in myself as a parent. Their drive, compassion, experience and professionalism throughout both visits were inspiring. Miss S, Bradford

‘Spectrum made the process straightforward and not as daunting as we expected – I have to say we were very impressed with the amount of information included in the report – it has amazing attention to detail that we feel will be helpful to us as parents.’  Mrs P, St Helens

‘I felt that my son was finally understood and appreciated for who he was. It was more than I could have ever expected.…The report was exceptional… valuable information about my son that I can’t stop reading. I finally understand everything I’ve wanted to understand for so long, and it’s in my hands to ponder and learn; I have the information to act on to help my son. I’ve never felt so enlightened.’ Mrs S, Lancashire

‘On the day of the assessment, they could not have been more welcoming or kinder to my son and I, nor could they have made us feel more comfortable. Nine years of unfamiliar behaviours and unanswered questions were patiently explained to both my son and I, and suddenly it all made sense.  You have quite literally changed our lives for the better.  Your ongoing support and willingness to ‘go the extra mile’ has far exceeded our initial expectations.’ Mrs S, Hertfordshire

‘Thank you again for coming to see us, i felt so positive after your visit, and excited to try the strategies that you suggested. It was amazing to have that communication and feedback from our little boy after going so long with nothing from him. I really can’t thank you enough!’ Mrs K, Staffordshire

‘Spectrum North West were recommended to us by a trusted friend… And what a relief to have them onboard. Our clinicians were so friendly and professional. It was so nice to be taken seriously with our concerns. We now finally have answers for our son’s behaviour and can do our very best to support him effectively every step of the way during his transition from child to adulthood. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Spectrum to anyone else considering the private route to diagnosis.” Mrs T, Yorkshire

‘We cannot recommend Spectrum North West highly enough – the care and assistance recommended by them at home and at school is now, within a couple of months of the assessment and report, being put in place and we feel we have turned a massive corner.  We are now, for the first time with our daughter, confident and optimistic regarding the future and this is due to the skill, experience and care of Spectrum North West.  They are also very nice ladies to talk to!’ Mr C, Manchester

‘From start to finish, the quality of service is excellent; the clinicians were thorough and empathetic, and they absolutely understand that girls are very good at blending in. I would never have considered a private assessment before I came across Spectrum North West but I cannot praise them enough – my daughter’s report is fantastic, it’s so detailed – I was so impressed by their level of service that I have and will continue to recommend Spectrum North West to families I work with in my role with an autism charity.’ Mrs B, Manchester

‘I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for such a thorough, detailed and useful report. It has been a breath of fresh air to read something that completely makes sense and details this little boy’s needs so well, with such useful recommendations that we can actually act upon and put in place. This is going to help his education as he progresses through our school so much – so thank you very much from all of us at the school!’  SENCO, Lancashire

‘From the initial telephone contact to the numerous e-mails to the full assessment, our experience with Spectrum North West was the exact opposite of our experience elsewhere.  They were utterly professional and vastly experienced and knowledgeable regarding autism (especially with girls), but with the personal qualities to put us at ease, to listen to us and to understand our daughter.’ Mrs C, Manchester

‘As a partner, I hadn’t really expected to be included to such an extent and it was lovely to be able to explain my feelings and fears. You made me feel that my opinions mattered and for the first time I felt some one really understood. I hadn’t really identified some things before, but sitting with two intelligent knowledgeable professionals brought it home. Thank you both for such a constructive session.  The difference you have made is truly amazing. Mrs D, Wirral

‘I cannot speak more highly about the service that we received from Spectrum North West – right from my initial contact, they were both professional and extremely friendly. I felt really positive and upbeat after our first appointment. Their report has proved an excellent and invaluable tool for us with regards to moving forward with our son’s diagnosis. Our clinician really has been phenomenal. I would have no hesitation recommending this service, it has really been life changing for our family, and our journey.’ Mrs W, Staffordshire

‘We really can’t thank you enough for going the extra mile to provide us with some answers where others had previously failed. We are so glad we made the decision to have our daughter assessed by Spectrum.’  Mrs A, Lancashire

‘Thank you again for doing such a great job of the report. You’ve been incredibly professional throughout the whole process and we will definitely be recommending your service to anyone considering going down the private route.’ Mrs L, Yorkshire

‘Thank you so very much, you have helped more than anyone else so far. You are wonderful people and what you are doing is priceless, we cannot recommend you enough. We wish everyone could come to you, we are truly truly grateful.’   Mr and Mrs S, Yorkshire  

‘We would both like to thank you for the initial assessment; we were very worried about the prospect of our son being autistic but after meeting with you we have a much more positive outlook (either way) going forward.’ Mr and Mrs B; Liverpool

‘We are so grateful for all of your time and efforts, and we are so impressed with the service you have provided. We really do feel like we are armed with something truly worthwhile, valid and with the depth that we need to really get our daughter the help she needs – both now and in the future – and for that we cannot thank you enough’.  Mrs H, Yorkshire